Canada Pension Plan

The Canada Pension Plan is a contributory, earnings-related social insurance program. It ensures a measure of protection to a contributor and his or her family against the loss of income due to retirement, disability and death

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Canada Pension Plan payments are automatically deposited into bank accounts in Canada and the United States according to the payment date schedule. Canada Pension Plan rates are adjusted every January if there are increases in the cost of living as measured by the Consumer Price Index. The table below lists the maximum and average monthly rates for Canada Pension Plan benefits for 2010

 CPP Payment Rate for Jan 2010

Type of Benefit Average Monthly Benefit
(July 2010)
Maximum Monthly Benefit
Disability Benefit $810.70 $1,126.76
Retirement at age 65 $505.09 $934.17
Survivors Benefit < age 65 $365.22 $516.57
Survivors Benefit > age 65 $297.71 $560.50
Children of Disabled Contributors $214.85 $214.85
Children of Deceased Contributors $214.85 $214.85
Combined Survivors & Retirement Benefit $682.98 $934.17
Combined Survivors & Disability Benefit $941.41 $1,126.76
Death Benefit (max lump sum) $2,257.37 $2,500.00
Sources from HRSDC website


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